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Cruise Ship Fires
Carnival Triumph Threat July 16, 2001

Supremacists' Bomb Threat Carnival Triumph by White Supremacists'
Against Carnival Triumph Black Cruise

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Carnival Triumph Threat July 16, 2001

Supremacists' Bomb Threat Carnival Triumph by White Supremacists' Against Carnival Triumph Black Cruise

Americans, particularly black Americans, will be surprised to learn that an unnamed white supremacist group made a bomb threat, saying they were going to blow up the Carnival Cruise Line ship Carnival Triumph, filled at the time with black Americans.

The cruise had been booked by a travel group who had a high percentage of black clientele and was comprised almost exclusively of black families including children on July 16, 2001.

Carnival Triumph embarked late from the Port Of Miami, Florida for a Caribbean cruise with calls at Key West, Florida, Calica Mexico (Playa Del Carmen, a suburb of Cancun) which is across the straight from Cozumel, Mexico before calling at Nassau in the Bahamas.

While passengers demanded to know why the ship was being held, the reason was kept under wraps.

The ship was searched extensively and though no bomb was found at that time, the threat was taken seriously. This fact too was never divulged to passengers, who should have been given the option of sailing or not to sail with a complete refund, under the circumstances.

Carnival Corp hired an outside security agency and the additional security officers sailed with the ship, some of them in plain clothes. Divers also boarded the ship and checked the hull of the ship at each port call.

The date of this incident is important, because it took place only 57 days before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. Americans were outraged that foreigners could come to this country, blow up two buildings and do serious damage to several others, killing 2,752 people.

Yet, Carnival Triumph was threatened by WHITE AMERICANS aiming to kill 2,758 BLACK Americans and an additional crew of 1,100 aboard a cruise ship sailing out of Miami, Florida and there wasn't even enough outrage to print the story in a single newspaper.

Further, after September 11, 2001, there was public outrage that the CIA had advance notice of the intended terrorist attack and thought it prudent not to notify the public to be extra diligent. This fact mirrors the lack of communication to passengers aboard Carnival Triumph, who were in effect assumed to be sitting ducks.

The response to the threat was Carnival Corp and the U.S. Government hid the story from the public, keeping it all hush-hush. Captain Massimo Marino and cruise director John Heald aboard that particular cruise lied to passengers aboard about the delay, never giving a hint of the potential danger the passengers were in.

What compounded this increasingly miserable cruise and made it even more newsworthy was the trouble the company had with the passengers aboard. Apparently, there was quite a "commotion" aboard, which some chose to label as the typical bad behavior of black Americans.

The fact is, on a cruise aboard a ship that was less than two-years-old, which saw a high temperature of 91 °F with a low of only 78 °F at Cozumel, the air conditioning went out aboard the ship, with tempers additionally flamed after the late departure. This was particularly true on formal night, with everybody wrapped up tight in tuxedos, suits and formal dresses. Those people with inside cabins were roasting, with temperatures far above those of the outside air, likely in the 100-130°F range, depending on which deck the cabin was on.

With approximately 525 inside cabins aboard including every deck with the exception of the Spa Deck, at least half of the passengers on every deck were baking inside those cabins as they tried to sleep, sweating profusely, in some of the most dehumanizing conditions.

These tiny, cramped ovens would be simply unbearable for a child, adding even more irritability to the situation. Topping that off, the elevators on Triumph were very slow, leading to long waits for those who couldn't take the stairs. With no a/c, that would be one miserable ride in an elevator, seeming more like a vertical coffin, crammed full of hot people.

The high percentage of outraged people had to have turned the voyage into a nightmare. But, it didn't end there. The prior cruise passengers on Deck 11, all outside suites, complained of no a/c as well. So, the cruise line had to be aware of the problem, yet boarding passengers were not apprized of the defect. Those on Deck 11 had a balcony and could open the sliding doors to bring in somewhat cooler outside air, or at least get a breeze.

Later, passengers documented on a August 2001 cruise a few weeks later, that some of the ship was brutally hot, while other areas were freezing cold. Passengers were given an array of excuses as to why the a/c was not working, including the insane excuse that air conditioning aboard worked by using sea water to cool the air and the ocean water was very warm this time of year.

Captain Marino's solution to the pressure cooker was giving passengers a $200 onboard credit used for free booze, adding an additional accelerant to the flames.

It's a well documented fact that ships full of predominantly white passengers have staged sit-ins and mutinous actions when ships have left port late and conditions aboard the ship were unbearable, especially when it came to air conditioning. Hot people anger quickly, loudly voicing their dissatisfaction, just a fact of life. It doesn't matter what race they are. These passengers paid thousands of dollars per family to have an enjoyable summer vacation and were subjected to torturous conditions. One has to wonder if instead of a bomb, the white supremacists simply tampered with the air conditioning.

Rumors were flying that the blacks aboard were pilfering on the ship after at least one store aboard suffered a significant theft. The truth of the matter at that time was shoplifting and thefts happened on every cruise, even when the ship was comprised primarily of white passengers AND primarly black passenger voyage inventory shrinkages were not out of line with other passenger demographics.

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