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Threats Carnival Imagination & Elation June 1 2011

Bomb Threat Affects Two Carnival Cruise Ships

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Bomb Threats Carnival Imagination & Elation June 1 2011

Bomb Threat Affects Two Carnival Cruise Ships

June 1, 2011 Bomb Threat Affects Two Cruise Ships Carnival Imagination & Carnival Elation

Claiming mental illness in court, a North Little Rock, Arkansas woman called in a bomb threat on June 1, 2012 to Carnival Cruise Line's offices, saying a bomb was on one of their cruise ships sailing towards Cozumel, Mexico and would explode.

Carnival reacted, searching two cruise ships, Carnival Imagination and Carnival Elation, both ships arriving at Cozumel, Mexico on June 1, 2011.

The woman, Patricia A. Elkins an ex-truck driver who was on a medication for a mental illness was in Bloomington, Illinois when she called in the bomb threat using her cell phone while visiting her daughter.

In a letter of apology to the court written on New Years' Eve, December 31, 2011, Elkins said she suffered from mental illness, specifically depression. She also told the judge that her husband Roger and herself and been homeless since 2009. Due to his loss of work in the hard-hit trucking industry, the couple lost their home in Missouri when the bank foreclosed on their home.

She continued on saying the couple had separated for the prior year and she found somebody else, then moved in with him.

Then, Elkins said "things got out of hand I was off my medicine and my impulsive behavior got the best of me and I lost self control."When the man she was living with and his family took a cruise without her and she became angry.

Court records show Elkins had prior involvement with the court for failure to appear on a felony passing of a bad check charge in Missouri. The court heard that the failure to appear was not deliberate, but instead the result of not knowing the date for the court appearance, due to homelessness. At the time of court hearing in South Dakota, the couple were living in their tractor trailer truck.

There was also a past issue of a bomb threat to a school in 2009, which she was never charged with.

The original case was heard in the USD court in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, then was moved to Illinois.

Elkins faced a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine plus restitution.

On April 26, 2012, Elkins received a sentence for her guilty plea of 18 months in prison and supervised release for three years.

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