Tropical Breeze Sun Cruz Casino Ship Fire Port Richey Florida

Tropical Breeze Sun Cruz Casino Ship Fire Port Richey, Florida – On Sunday January 14, 2018 around 1600 hours, the Sun Cruz casino ship Tropical Breeze shuttle boat caught fire (see video below). One person, reportedly a 42-year-old woman  is dead and 14 others injured after a fire engulfed the Tropical Breeze casino shuttle boat near Port Richey, Florida.

Passengers could be seen jumping overboard into the cold Gulf of Mexico ocean which was about four-feet-deep. Resident responded the disaster, bringing dry, warm clothing, hot liquids and some took passengers to their homes to await rescue.

About 15 people were taken to local hospitals after complaining of chest pain and smoke inhalation

Parent company Ocean Casino Cruises filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy December 28, 2009.

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Video: Sun Cruz Casino Shuttle Boat Fire