Emerald Belle Fire Netherlands Den Breejen Shipyard, Emerald Waterways

Emerald Belle Fire Netherlands Den Breejen Shipyard, Emerald Waterways – February 1, 2016 Around midnight on February 1, 2016, reports say there was a cruise ship fire at Den Breejen Shipyard in the Netherlands. The fire affected cruise line Emerald Waterways’ river cruise ship Emerald Belle. Emerald Belle was under construction at the ship yard when the fire took place.

A second cruise ship also at the shipyard was affected. The ship was moved away from Emerald Belle, only suffering some surface exterior paint damage. Both cruise ships are owned by parent company Scenic Group.

Glen Moroney, chairman of the Scenic Group which owns Emerald Waterways , said in a press release, “At 12:30 a.m (UTC+1:00) Sunday morning, the owner of the Den Breejen Shipyard was alerted to a fire on the Emerald Belle. Despite the efforts of firefighters, who were quickly at the scene, the damage is significant. We are grateful and relieved that nobody was onboard at the time and most importantly, there were no injuries to any shipyard worker or firefighters.”

“Although the Emerald Belle’s construction was well along (as it was due to launch in April) the firefighting system onboard was not yet operational. At this point there is no confirmed cause of the fire but a full investigation by the yard and firefighting authorities is being carried out.”

Emerald Waterways cruise line owns Emerald Star, Emerald Sky, Emerald Sun, Emerald Dawn and Emerald Belle. The cruise line will be launching Emerald Liberté and Emerald Radiance in 2017. The launch date of Emerald Belle is unknown at this time as a result of the fire.

Also this week, a third fire in January aboard AidaPrima which was under construction at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan has been ruled arson. AidaPrima was hit by fires on January 11, 13 and 31.

While it may be unrelated, it is worth noting that news today from Time Magazine indicates ISIS is planning terror attacks against cruise ships in the Mediterranean. The article quotes Vice-Admiral Clive Johnstone saying, “ISIS militants want to build their own navy to attack cruise ships in the Mediterranean, a senior NATO naval officer has warned. We know they have had ambitions to go off shore. We know they would like to have a maritime arm, just as Al-Qaeda had a maritime arm.”

On Wednesday March 18, 2015 two cruise ships, MSC Splendida and Costa Fascinosa were at the Mediterranean port of Tunis, Tunisia on a Cruise Ship Deaths – excursion to the Bardo National Museum, when a group of terrorists opened fire on the group who were exiting their tour busses, killing or wounding more than 50 cruise ship passengers.

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