Aida Diva Rocket Attack, Aida Cruises Attack port of Ashod, Israel

Aida Diva Rocket Attack, Aida Cruises Attack port of Ashod, Israel – July 7, 2014 Aida Cruises’ AidaDiva came under rocket attack with sirens wailing when Israel announced an attack by Hamas as the cruise ship was leaving the port of Ashod, Israel on July 7, 2014.

AIDADiva was sailing to Crete in Greece with mostly German passengers aboard when the rocket attack took place. There were over 2,000 passengers and 600 crew aboard when six rockets were shot in the direction of the cruise ship.

Some rocket parts landed onto the cruise ship deck, having exploded prior to hitting the cruise ship. It was unclear who fired the rockets, Israel or Hamas. Israel television reported that around sixty rockets were fired during a one hour period.

There are no reported injuries or damage to the cruise ship resulting from the rocket attack.

AIDA Cruises has issued a travel warning on the region.

UPDATE: July 8, 2014
AIDA in Rostock, Germany offered, (Translated from German) “There was no damage to the ship and none of the 2700 guest and crew members were injured. Small parts of missiles were discovered on the passenger deck as the ship departed on schedule from the Israeli port of Ashdod, about 30 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip. AIDA Diva continued without delay to the next port of call in Crete. It is unknown if the missile was fired by the Israeli army or by radical Islamic group Hamas, who control Gaza.

Aida Cruises added, “After the incident with, Aida Diva it is unclear if the ship will stop at the next city in the Mediterranean currently scheduled.”

Our security experts will review the situation again exactly and then there will be a decision,” company spokesman Hansjörg Kunze said Tuesday to DPA News.

Ashdod is located 30 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip. Kunze stressed that the ship was not the target of the attack and though the incident disturbed the passengers greatly there were no injuries.

Israel and Hamas had been exchanging rocket and grenades with each other for days prior to the incident on AIDA Diva. On Monday evening, Hamas fired dozens of rockets at surrounding Israeli towns.

Israeli forces said that they were attacked 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip where they intercepted a number of missiles with their defense system.

Update: July 20, 2014
Aida Cruises announced it will no longer be calling at Israel, at least short term for the next couple months, due to the danger to their passengers and crew as the fighting in the Gaza zone has increased in recent weeks.

Recent fighting in Gaza has been described as the fiercest since the 1967 Middle East War began, when Israel captured Gaza. Shifa Hospital reported today, that 17 children, 14 women and elderly were among the 50 dead, with about 400 people wounded during the assaults today. In the last 13 days, 2,600 people have been wounded or about the same number of people on Aida Diva when the rocket debris fell on her deck July 7.