Costa Allegra Fire, Costa Cruises Fire near Victoria, Seychelles

Costa Allegra Fire, Costa Cruises Fire near Victoria, Seychelles – February 27, 2012, a fire Leaves Costa Cruises Costa Allegra Adrift at Sea. Costa Cruises’ Costa Allegra was disabled by a fire aboard the cruise ship on February 27, 2012, while sailing into pirate alley off the coast of Seychelles an island located southeast of Somalia.

The disabling fire was reported to have originated in the generator room of Costa Allegra while she sailed from Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, heading towards Victoria, Seychelles.

Costa Allegra had 636 passengers and 413 crew members aboard when the fire took place.

Crew worked to put the fire out for a reported period of several hours, saying the fire never spread and no passengers or crew members were injured during the fire.

Costa Allegra floated helplessly in the dark, in an area where small cruise ships have been attacked by pirates home-based in Somalia. The pirates have increased their distance from shore, using mother ships to sail further from the Somalia coastline as they continue their wave of cargo and cruise ships seizures, holding the vessels for ransom.

Though initial reports said the fire was not that bad, Carnival CEO Micky Arison says the repairs To Allegra will be too expensive, and the damage cruise ship is now slated to be sold or dismantled. Arison said that Costa Allegra had been for sale for some time before the fire disabled her.

Costa Voyager replaced Costa Allegra with Costa Voyager cruises canceled.