Calypso Fire, Louis Cruise Lines Engine Room Fire

Calypso Fire, Louis Cruise Lines Engine Room Fire – May 5, 2006, Louis Cruise Lines Calypso Engine Room Fire while there were 246 crew and 462 passengers on board. Most of the passengers were Dutch.

The Calypso was built in 1968, refurbished in 2000, and had 243 cabins which could carry up to 593 passengers.

The 11,162 ton ship had been traveling from England to the island of Guernsey in the English Channel, in calm seas, and was off the English coastal resort of Eastbourne at the time of the fire.

The fire broke out around 0347 GMT in the engine room according to the British Coast Guard, and it send off a full scale alert, though ultimately the ship was no evacuated..The ship had all it’s lifeboats out, but they were not lowered.

Passengers did assemble on deck with their life jackets on, ready to enter the lifeboats if need be. This was mostly due to the heavy smoke on the vessel, making it difficult to see or breathe.

Lifeboats and a coastguard helicopter were sent to assist East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service firefighters who extinguished the blaze within three hours after the Mayday was sent by Calypso.

Len Richards, deputy chief fire officer of East Sussex Fire Service, said: “The ship’s crew used the fixed installations on board the vessel to initially attack the fire. The fire was contained to the port engine and the engine room area itself.”

18 firefighters and 5 paramedics remained onboard as she was towed to port, as a safety precaution.

No injuries were reported as of this date.

The ship was towed to the port at Southhampton, where it will remain docked, because the engine wouldn’t start and is pending an investigation.

Passengers were permitted to return to the lounges, after the risk had ended.

Louis Cruise Lines, part of the Louis Group, was founded back in 1938 by the late Louis Loizoua, is a publicly traded company on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The line is one of the biggest cruise companies world-wide boards more passengers in Limassol than any other cruise line in the Mediterranean. Part of the Louis Organization, the successful cruise division which largely cruises from Cyprus to Eastern Mediterranean, Greece and the Greek Islands. They have 11 cruise ships.