Star Princess Fire, Princess Cruise Lines Fire near Newport, Rhode Island


This fire comes less than six months after a fire left the Star Princess with significant damage, many injuries and one passenger dead on March 23, 2006. The March fire was blamed on a passenger’s cigarette butt flung from a balcony.

While approximately 20 miles south of Newport, Rhode Island Star Princess had one generator (DG 1) increase it load while the 5 other generators started to shed their load. It was noted that that wiring in the switchboard for DG 1 was sustaining a small electrical fire.

The fire was extinguished with a handheld CO2 extinguisher and problem fixed within an hour.

The problem was determined to be an electrical short in the DG 1 switchboard.

Maneuverability/propulsion was not affected as the EEDG’s were online during repairs. Vessel promptly reported incident to Station Castle Hill, who in turn reported to Sector SENE Command Center;

However, Sector SENE Prevention Department was not notified until later that evening following receipt of a 2692 in NY. NY IO notified Sector SENE Command Center of the 2692 who in turn notified Prevention Department personnel. This error allowed Star Princess to set sail again without a fitness for service inspection.

Star Princess was already in route to NY. NY placed a COTP on the vessel requiring fitness for service by the vessel’s class society.