Regent Star Fire, Regency Cruises Fire near Prince William Sound

Regent Star Fire, Regency Cruises Fire near Prince William Sound –  On July 22, 1995 Regency Cruises, Regent Star had a fire aboard while the vessel was in Prince William Sound, on the south coast of Alaska.

At the time, the cruise ship was loaded with 1,280 passengers and crew, who were evacuated. Two people were injured, one with an anxiety attack and the other with a broken wrist.

The fire investigation discovered that an Allen bolt to low pressure fuel line to number 16 cylinder on number to main diesel engine sheared and backed out of fitting, allowing diesel fuel to be sprayed onto exhaust and turbo piping which ignited fuel and caused a fire.

On June 22, 1995, Regent Star was cited by the United States Coast Guard for a long list of safety violations. Exactly one month later, on July 22, 1995, fire broke out outboard the cruise ship, indicating why those safety checks are so important.

The June 22, 1995 partial list of violations included:

The material condition of lifeboats on the port and starboard side did not meet the requirements of SOLAS 74, III/19.2 (ship’s crew identified four out of 14 lifeboats which met minimum requirements prior to being towed from Whittier).

All fire screen doors were not self closing per SOLAS 48 II/29(e)

All fire screen doors were not smoke tight and acceptable to the Administration

All fire dampers throughout the ship were not to the satisfaction of the cognizant Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection

Electrical cable in areas affected by smoke painted over without being cleaned resulting in increasing fire load due to trapped carbon on cable.

Repair gearbox shafting on #15 lifeboat.

Prove satisfactory operation of emergency fire pump.

Non-fire resistant material in cable transits through stair tower and main vertical zone boundaries (crew stair tower, forward end of MVZ 4) must be removed and replaced with material acceptable to the Administration.

Noted a variety of ILO-147 discrepancies throughout crew spaces (including broken sink drains, poor ventilation, general housekeeping).

Repair all emergency lights on C Deck in vicinity of engine room.

The master could not provide evidence he is verifying the vessel is in compliance with stability criteria required by SOLAS 74, II-1/8.7.4. Stability information required by SOLAS 74, II-1/8.7

Could not find evidence that quarterly emergency steering drills required by SOLAS 74 V/19-2(d) are being conducted.

Rudder stock packing is leaking approximately 10-15 gallon/hour.

Tank top for heavy oil tank in stabilizer room has concrete patch; patch appears to be leaking.

Port steering pump shows evidence that seal requires replacement; covered cans in place to collect leaking oil.

There had been an even longer list of violations on May 13, 1995, which included numerous engine room violations.